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Trust us to handle your needs safely

Your safety and the safety of our team is our priority – put your confidence in our commitment to safe techniques and methods.

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Trust our commitment to safety

Your workplace and your employees are important to you – and you can trust that not only are they important to us as well, but our own employees are also a priority. We are committed to creating safe working conditions for our employees in all situations.

This commitment to safety extends to each project we complete. Each of our team members has undergone extensive safety training and receives continued education to ensure they understand proper safety procedures while performing their responsibilities.

Put your confidence in our highly-recognized team

You can put your confidence in our team and the recognition we have received. In recent years we have been recognized by the Safety Council of East Texas for the safety measures we have taken. This recognition has included awards for:

  • Incident rate improvement
  • Zero incidents
  • 3 years without incidents

On April 10th, Gray Industrial Electric, Inc. was recognized by the Safety Council of East Texas for continuing to provide a safe work environment for their employees. These awards, for the second year in a row, included Zero Incidents, Incident Improvement, and 3 Years Zero Incident. These awards are proof of Rhory Wilson’s, President of Gray Industrial Electric, Inc., commitment to his employees to provide them with the training, tools, and support needed for a safe work environment.

The awards presented for the year 2010 are as follows:

Incident Rate Improvement
Two Years Worked with Zero Incidents
0% Incident Rate for the Year 2010

The awards presented for the year 2011 are as follows:

Zero Incidents
Incident Improvement
3 Year Zero Incident

Rhory Wilson, President of Gray Industrial Electric, Inc. said, “The awards received today are a witness to the commitment of, not just our safety department, but every employee from the President down to the Apprentice. Our ongoing safety training, weekly safety meetings and training programs have paid off in a big way. I am proud to receive these for our employees’ hard work and determination.”


Measures and maps surface temperatures on high voltage equipment. The infrared electrical system survey locates faulty electrical items not generally found during a physical inspection. Infrared testing is done as part of the annual preventative maintenance program and locates hot spots and other discrepancies in the electrical-mechanical equipment – which if left unattended, can lead to outages, equipment damage, or a fire.

Electrical lines, equipment or wires can wear down and get damaged due to age or frequent use. Faulty equipment can result in probable injuries, even death. This is why it’s important that Gray Industrial Electric, Inc. provides general maintenance services to our customers at any time of the day, weekend, or holiday.

Our services are provided by practiced and trained electricians from Food Processing to feed mills to small businesses. We also do installations, rewiring and lighting fixtures.

Our services also include the same as above anywhere from Walmart to restaurants to small stores.

Gray Industrial Electric, Inc. also provides with computer installation, security system installations and more.

Automation is the use of control systems and information technologies to reduce the need for human work in the production of goods and services. In other words, robotic machinery. We do repairs, maintenance and installations to these types of machines/equipments.

Gray Industrial Electric, Inc. as part of any projects undertaken by GIE, part of that service is to update and revise current autocad prints.

Transformers are one of the most vital links in industrial type electrical power systems and are among the most reliable components in the system. It is very important to test and maintain transformers in good condition.

As mentioned before, Gray Industrial Electric, Inc. conducts infrared test on all main current carrying equipment for hot spots. Also, torque all electrical connection to design its value, lubricate lugs, disconnect blades, connection etc. that require lubrication; inspect, operate, adjust, and lubricate mechanical linkage; remove debris, dirt, and other foreign objects from all components, housings, cabinets, panels, etc.

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