Grey cables

Are your electrical systems in good working order?

Infrared testing gives insight into the structural integrity and condition of your electrical systems to allow you to address issues when necessary.

Colored cables

Understand the dangers of missed problems with electrical systems

Electrical and mechanical equipment, like any systems, are subject to wear and tear. When these signs of problems are not detected through routine physical inspection, you could be putting the equipment and your entire setting at risk.

Problems with electrical and mechanical systems can lead to equipment damage, power outages and even fires. It is important to identify these potential issues as quickly as possible so they may be rectified effectively.

Get greater peace of mind with infrared testing

Infrared testing goes beyond the capabilities of physical inspections to detect problems as they arise. This testing uses evaluation of the surface temperature of mechanical and electrical systems to identify discrepancies.

Discrepancies such as hot spots could be an indication of a problem within the structure or operation of the system, necessitating further evaluation and potential repair services.

Infrared testing should be performed as a routine part of annual preventative maintenance checks.

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